Just in time for Christmas, a Halloween game!
Thu Nov 10, 2022 3:12am

Hopefully I'll get some free time to actually play it. I brought my laptop on a trip recently and never got to touch it.

  • Just about actually! - Erik_, Sun Oct 30 2022 3:38am
    There's only a few levels left to add. The code and assets are all done. I plan on finishing that final bit in November so it can be released in the first week of December. (aiming for 12/01).
    • Just in time for Christmas, a Halloween game!- Puckdropper, Thu Nov 10 2022 3:12am
      • That's how it's looking! haha - Erik_, Fri Nov 11 2022 1:50am
        This one is actually working out to be pretty decent. There's some engine janky-ness that I'm noticing while mapping out level 3 that I sort of have to work around. I guess that's expected as the core of the game was written in a crunch. I actually think I like this one better than Santa's Delivery... more
        • So no Thanksgiving release? - Puckdropper, Fri Nov 11 2022 2:20am
          That way they'll both be out of season? As you keep writing game engines, you'll get to the point where they can be done faster and faster. Except for the creative bits, I wonder if it'd be possible to write a new game in a week.
          • QB has sort of become like riding a bike over all these years. Once I actually dedicate some time and sit down and start hacking away at it, it comes flooding back. lol Halloween game is looking at a Thanksgiving-ish release. Work and life has kept me from making almost any progress on level 3 for... more
            • Happy Birthday! - Puckdropper, Sun Nov 27 2022 1:15am
              Did you do anything you wanted to do? Yeah, life's gotten busy for me too. I've got 3 models in the queue and can't seem to get any time to work on them. Hopefully that changes with both kids going to daycare twice a week. My wife wasn't too happy with me the first time they went all day, I went... more
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