Does HTML have a native include function for content?
Fri Nov 11, 2022 1:35am

I thought it was just stuff in the header like css and such but not actual page content.

Yeah, I thought maybe once IE was gone things would be better but it seems like there's still fights between browsers rendering stuff correctly.

  • I think that's one of the most powerful tools - Puckdropper, Wed Nov 09 2022 4:40am
    Just simply having the ability to include files so you write the code once and are done. I'm surprised how long it took for HTML to get an include ability. It's also good for security--rather than testing 100 files with the same code, you test once and are done. No little typos sneaking in to page... more
    • Does HTML have a native include function for content?- Erik_, Fri Nov 11 2022 1:35am
      • It's not really "native", it's a hack - Puckdropper, Fri Nov 11 2022 4:08am
        It's like <!--include "file"--> which is a HTML comment. I guess there's another way to do it, as duckduckgo is showing me other options rather than the method I was learning. The tricky thing is to always send your headers first. With includes it's easy to get the body sent before the header... more
        • Looks like you found another posting bug! - Erik_, Wed Nov 16 2022 11:57am
          I'll have to check in the DB what that post actually said. :) Edit: Fixed the message. Looks like because we have HTML enabled, the comment code was allowed. It was also missing a "-" in the closing bracket so it just commented out the rest of the page.
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