It's probably because any two systems that start
Mon Dec 05, 2022 5:06am

out identical will eventually diverge despite their best efforts to keep them together. Prusa tried to keep slic3r and slic3r-Prusa Edition together for as long as they could (but add their own stuff to work better with their printers), but I'm sure the software has diverged by now.

  • Same "system" but different package repositories - Erik_, Thu Dec 01 2022 3:46pm
    For example, my apt sources all point to *.ubunut.com URLs where I think Debian would go to debian.org or whatever it is. But it's the same apt package manager and I bet the server side hosting code/programs is the same as well. Yeah me too. It's nice when you get a simple: ./configure make ... more
    • It's probably because any two systems that start- Puckdropper, Mon Dec 05 2022 5:06am
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