I happened to glance at the book of faces and it reminded me
Mon Dec 05, 2022 5:20am

Good remembering! 11 Nov.

The trick is to shop around. Our daycare is an in-home daycare and the lady is awesome. She sends photos several times a day and the kids are always happy and smiling. We wouldn't touch a big daycare, they'll get enough of that when they join school.

It can be, but we're only doing twice a week and it's $50/kid/day. Not cheap, but the per-hour cost vs baby sitting is sure economical. There was one mom who posted on a group my wife reads where they were legitimately advising her to quit her low paying job and stay home with the kids. Full time daycares can be like $2,000/mo or more.

  • Happy belated Birthday to you too! - Erik_, Thu Dec 01 2022 3:29pm
    I think you're birthday is sometime in Nov too? Maybe I'm misremembering. The past "weekend" is always so busy, it's hard to really get anything done. But that's okay, it's still a good time. We've somehow managed without Daycare so far but it's been tough at times. Once my wife starts working... more
    • I happened to glance at the book of faces and it reminded me- Puckdropper, Mon Dec 05 2022 5:20am
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