That's often when we see excessive heat warnings
Mon Dec 05, 2022 5:33am

It just doesn't cool down, even at night. Plus the humidity makes it even worse. My wife's former apartment had one air conditioner in the living room. The bedrooms had to have the windows open to be cool enough.

If it works, it works! Just be sure to write the settings down somewhere. (I've taken permanent marker and written settings on devices before. Works great unless your device is black.)

  • The no escape though can be exhausting especially in Aug. The double router set up I went with actually isn't so bad. It's just some simple additional port forwarding rules.
    • That's often when we see excessive heat warnings- Puckdropper, Mon Dec 05 2022 5:33am
      • We have a couple of those silver sharpies - Erik_, Wed Dec 07 2022 3:24pm
        They work really well when you want to write on something that's black. Growing up was sort of like that. We didn't have AC at all until I think I was almost 18. Even then, it was only in the living room so there was no escaping the heat at night. Fans can only do so much. *Cue NE Server shutti... more
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