One of our old Christmas Eve traditions
Mon Dec 19, 2022 3:09am

was to have pizza and open presents before we went over to Grandma & Grandpa's house on Christmas day. We'd also always go to church, but when your parents work there... So at any rate, does that give you any inspiration for the 24th level?

I loved the "F5" to run your code that Qbasic did. It made it so easy to just stop typing, press F5 and enjoy.

SDR being on the easy side is great. A Christmas game isn't going to get someone to invest years of their life in playing (usually), so they can enjoy the game and get their friends/family in on it.

  • FINALLY worked a bit more on this game for 2022! - Erik_, Sat Dec 17 2022 1:37am
    I went and created two more levels (level 22 and 23, just two more to go besides bonus levels). I have to say, the level editor is actually really nice to use. In my mind, it was way more clunky than it actually is. There's no oddities that you have to remember to watch out for and there's a nice... more
    • One of our old Christmas Eve traditions- Puckdropper, Mon Dec 19 2022 3:09am
      • for level 24. It's not an overly hard level but it does have two tricky parts to it that can take a bit to figure out/time right. One thing I realized when creating this last levels that I wish I did earlier was that the doors that you unlock with keys can also act as temporary blocks that disappear... more
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