I ended up doing a "combine all you learned" type level.
Mon Dec 19, 2022 9:34am

for level 24. It's not an overly hard level but it does have two tricky parts to it that can take a bit to figure out/time right.

One thing I realized when creating this last levels that I wish I did earlier was that the doors that you unlock with keys can also act as temporary blocks that disappear when you pick the key up. Sort of like the opposite of the colored blocks in Super Mario World where you hit the switch to make them appear.

For us growing up, we would go to my Aunt's house Christmas Eve for dinner (usually had Fiskegrot which is surprisingly really good). Afterwards we would leave and my Dad would take us to midnight mass. I'm not sure how my parents did it, by the time we got home from mass it was like 1:30am and we were up bouncing off the walls by 6am to open presents. After we went to bed "Santa" still had to deliver presents so Christmas Day they must have been running off of just a couple of hours sleep at most.

That's a good point about SDR being easy. There is a difficulty select when you start the game or a user level. "Normal" is on the easy side. I guess I should play through on Easy and Hard as well. I'm guessing Easy will be very easy. Hard might actually put up a good fight in some levels. There's a sand pyramid level that's pretty tough time wise on normal, I should see if that one is possible on hard.

  • One of our old Christmas Eve traditions - Puckdropper, Mon Dec 19 2022 3:09am
    was to have pizza and open presents before we went over to Grandma & Grandpa's house on Christmas day. We'd also always go to church, but when your parents work there... So at any rate, does that give you any inspiration for the 24th level? I loved the "F5" to run your code that Qbasic did. It... more
    • I ended up doing a "combine all you learned" type level.- Erik_, Mon Dec 19 2022 9:34am
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