Added metrics to the metrics? Sure...? why not.
Fri Jan 06, 2023 12:23pm

It turns out Mojolicious has a plugin Mojolicious::Plugin::Status which sort of does the same thing I created for the NeDiscApp site but automatically for apps using the Mojolicious framework. I guess if I wrote the DiscApp site in Perl with Mojolicious, this whole mini project would have been moot.

Anyway, I figured I'd try it out just for kicks on the NeStats site.

You need to log in and then manually go to the page. I didn't add a link from the main stats page yet.
Link to this status page:

mojo status

That said, Spring does have an actuators plugin That's much more robust information wise but I would still have to create the website/pages to consume the generated stat data.

  • NE Disc App Stats Website - Erik_, Tue Dec 27 2022 3:24am
    edit: I'm not sure how I rambled on this long.... So, I figure there should be a bit of background on this site I've created. On this actual site, I have an existing report. It's my daily admin report email that gets generated. It has information that I can gather based on querying the database.... more
    • Added metrics to the metrics? Sure...? why not.- Erik_, Fri Jan 06 2023 12:23pm
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