Happy 24th Birthday NE!
Mon Feb 20, 2023 2:45am

From the site update:

Wow. This site has been around now for 24 years. That's crazy. I never thought some random Geocities page I made back when I was 13
would still be around after all this time. Cheers to another year come and gone.

It's been sort of a light year in the way of releases. NE DiscApp had some cool changes this past year. DiscussionApps can now be configured
to use BBCode. I've also opened up testing to a new image attachment feature. Most of the second half of the year has been Perl related.
At work, I use Perl quite a bit but never really carried it into my hobby world. I had a large Perl project at work this year and for some reason
that got me on the Perl kick outside of work as well. The latest DiscApp Perl version is completely unnecessary and pointless but I decided to do
it out of curiosity. The original site was written in Perl so I was interested in trying to do the same. The link below is fully functional but
as of the time of this update, it's very slow rendering DiscussionApps. I think it's a factor of my recursive thread generation code being
slow and the database being hosted on one side of the world while the web is hosted on the other. I'm currently working on a way to speed it up a little
bit but I don't expect much to come of it.

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End of site update.
More about the Perl site moved to this thread.

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