Most popular NEMB threads for the past ~30 days
Wed May 03, 2023 1:34pm

Replying to this thread as it's related to DiscApp stats...

So, out of boredom, I decided to revamp the Perl program that scrapes the logs to generate the stats. I cleaned it up quite a bit and it now skips most spam urls and also compresses hourly stats into daily and daily stats in to monthly. (My free DB is only 20MB).

Anyway, one change I made about a month ago is to include the query string in the url that's saved. This let me parse the data's 'discussion.cgi' URLs for page views by disc app and article id.

I threw together a quick Perl script that does the above parsing into a csv that the table shows below. (I also lazily made a Perl script that converts csv to an html table tag. :D)

Below are the top article page views for NEMB with page views greater than 10 for the past ~30 days. It has the Perl DiscApp URL due to me using that to scrape to get the article information instead of connecting directly to the production database from my script or calling the actual which would cause additional page views in the gathered stats while I'm generating the output.

IndexArticlePage ViewsSubmitterDateSubjectLink
461083901317Erik_Sat Dec 25 2021 2:58AMI use QB4.5 and DOSBox on my modern computer.;article=39013
461084102715Erik_Fri Oct 21 2022 5:12PMFirst screen shot!;article=41027
461089914Erik_Sun Aug 18 2019 4:53AMBeta release v0.1.2;article=99
461083985513Erik_Wed May 11 2022 2:57PMOct 2021 Pumpkin Update - May 2022!;article=39855
461083903712Erik_Tue Dec 28 2021 12:39PMThat's sort of how I handle that level too!;article=39037
461084192412Erik_Tue Apr 11 2023 4:19PMRecreating an old graphics demo...;article=41924
461084195511PuckdropperMon Apr 17 2023 1:24AMnmtui and Orange Pi;article=41955
461084173711Erik_Mon Feb 20 2023 2:45AMHappy 24th Birthday NE!;article=41737
461084174311Erik_Thu Feb 23 2023 5:21PMNE DiscApp Perl Version;article=41743
461083735511Erik_Tue Apr 27 2021 12:18AMAll subscription emails went out tonight without error.;article=37355
461083969311Erik_Tue Apr 12 2022 12:51AMCOBORDLE - Wordle clone written in COBOL;article=39693
461083866111PuckdropperWed Sep 01 2021 6:59PMI liked the Toyota Sienna minivan;article=38661
461083858511Erik_Fri Aug 06 2021 11:54AM*Nice! (nm);article=38585
461084132511PuckdropperMon Dec 05 2022 5:33AMThat's often when we see excessive heat warnings;article=41325

Some of the counts I'm assuming are search engine bots following the link from the NE news page. There are some odd ones though like '*Nice' and an old Beta release thread from years ago.

  • NE Disc App Stats Website - Erik_, Tue Dec 27 2022 3:24am
    edit: I'm not sure how I rambled on this long.... So, I figure there should be a bit of background on this site I've created. On this actual site, I have an existing report. It's my daily admin report email that gets generated. It has information that I can gather based on querying the database.... more
    • Most popular NEMB threads for the past ~30 days- Erik_, Wed May 03 2023 1:34pm
    • Added metrics to the metrics? Sure...? why not. - Erik_, Fri Jan 06 2023 12:23pm
      It turns out Mojolicious has a plugin Mojolicious::Plugin::Status which sort of does the same thing I created for the NeDiscApp site but automatically for apps using the Mojolicious framework. I guess if I wrote the DiscApp site in Perl with Mojolicious, this whole mini project would have been moot.... more
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