In Java's defense, it's not too bad if it has resources...
Tue May 09, 2023 10:22am

available. The Raspberry Pi Zero I was using where it chugged the worst only had 512MB of RAM and a 1GHz CPU. What's interesting though, is this site runs off of similar hardware and has no problem serving up 1000+ pages/day. (Probably somewhere around +/-7000 requests/day if my Heroku metrics can be trusted. That includes all sorts of bad requests and bogus URls though) So who knows.. maybe it was the lib I was using. I guess the counter argument there is, anything will be 'quick enough' if you throw enough resources at it. haha

For a mid-level language, it's not too bad. Here's a quick comparison I found of all languages. I don't see COBOL there, but I'd assume it would be close to FORTRAN.
Speed comparison

GPIO not being compatible on the Orange Pi sounds like a mistake to me as well. There's so many modules you can just buy on AdaFruit and stuff that just pop on that wouldn't work with out. Seems like an odd design choice.

Is it just the Orange Pis that lose their Wifi on that router? We had a flakey router that would drop wifi and have to be restarted every few day but in that case, it would drop most or randomly connected devices instead of just the same ones each time.

  • What? Java slow? Shocking! - Puckdropper, Fri May 05 2023 4:48am
    It's probably a combination of pandemic and success. I bet the Raspberry Pi foundation didn't expect so much volume and since they're doing a SOIC design they probably at one company's mercy. GPIO isn't compatible, which is probably a mistake. With things like HATs (hardware attached on top), an... more
    • In Java's defense, it's not too bad if it has resources...- Erik_, Tue May 09 2023 10:22am
      • The more the languages do for you, the slower they get. - Puckdropper, Fri May 12 2023 5:59am
        PHP's a pretty cool language, but it's got to have a lot of overhead in "stuff". Java seems to be the same way. IIRC, garbage collection is automatic. I bet that slows things down a bit. COBOL doesn't do all that much for you, like garbage collection or figuring out memory allocation, right? My... more
        • That's a good point. - Erik_, Wed May 17 2023 3:46am
          COBOL is an interesting beast as you actually specify the exact size of every single variable at the top of the program before any procedural code is written. Because everything is allocated beforehand with exact sizes, there's no memory guesswork for the application after it's compiled. It always ... more
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