The more the languages do for you, the slower they get.
Fri May 12, 2023 5:59am

PHP's a pretty cool language, but it's got to have a lot of overhead in "stuff". Java seems to be the same way. IIRC, garbage collection is automatic. I bet that slows things down a bit.

COBOL doesn't do all that much for you, like garbage collection or figuring out memory allocation, right? My guess is it'd be right there with the fast languages. I don't remember how Ada handled memory, I'd think it could be faster like C++, but maybe part of it is C++ and C can use some optimizations the other languages can't.

The Orange Pis were the only ones dropping their connection. I wonder if they were at the edge of the AT&T gateway's range, which was pretty poor. They might have been disconnecting at random and I didn't notice because they didn't need to talk to the LAN once they started printing.

I've now got a different wireless router going and it does a great job. I get a better signal out in the shed than I did before and the router is about 30 feet farther away. It's also closer to the 3D Printers, so they'll probably stay happier.

  • available. The Raspberry Pi Zero I was using where it chugged the worst only had 512MB of RAM and a 1GHz CPU. What's interesting though, is this site runs off of similar hardware and has no problem serving up 1000+ pages/day. (Probably somewhere around +/-7000 requests/day if my Heroku metrics can be... more
    • The more the languages do for you, the slower they get.- Puckdropper, Fri May 12 2023 5:59am
      • That's a good point. - Erik_, Wed May 17 2023 3:46am
        COBOL is an interesting beast as you actually specify the exact size of every single variable at the top of the program before any procedural code is written. Because everything is allocated beforehand with exact sizes, there's no memory guesswork for the application after it's compiled. It always ... more
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