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Welcome to the image upload test forum!
Wed Jan 25, 2023 7:50am

This is a sandbox forum used to test the new beta image upload feature.

Please note that the image upload feature is only enabled to those who have an an active DiscApp account and are currently logged in. If you need to create an account, you can do so here.

All images uploaded are stored on a third party image hosting service Imgur. The images are then linked to the post that they were uploaded from.

To upload images, simply start a new thread and select an image to upload. After selecting, use the "Upload Image" button to add it to the post.
If you wish to preview the image before posting, you can click on the file name.
If you wish to remove an image before posting, you can click on the red "X" next to the image file name.
After an image is posted, only an administrator can remove your image from your post.

When viewing a thread with images (like this one), you can click on the image to view it in it's full size.

Please post any issues you find while testing.

Have fun!

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    • Here's a hole in the fireplace. - Puckdropper, Sun Mar 26 2023 9:19am
      Now what. We didn't have the guy fix it. It was for a gas line or something but only went to the other side of the basement. There, Internet, is your explanation. (Even though probably one person... more
      • Oh it's the chimney top - Puckdropper, Sun Mar 26 2023 9:20am
        Just your standard chimney top. Home inspector said we should have it checked and repaired. Sent this to the repairman-man-man-man-man. Now tabbing to "Post Reply" works with no image uploaded.
        • Looks like it sneaks a peak at the image - Puckdropper, Sun Mar 26 2023 9:29am
          before it uploads. I just tried a binary file renamed to .jpg and it says "Error uploading image". The aqua does look nice. Hm... What if I do something silly like rename a .jpg to .bmp? Or I know...... more
          • File extensions can't be trusted - Puckdropper, Sun Mar 26 2023 9:36am
   is ok. as an actual zip file containing 1 image is not ok.